Discover Healing from Within

Uncover Emotional Freedom and Personal Growth

Tune In to Heal Within

Conversations on Nurturing Your Inner Child for Lasting Wellbeing

Healer of Hearts

She uses a range of techniques and approaches to facilitate healing and transformation

5 Steps 2 Breaking Validation Chains

Truly get out of your own way to take those NEXT LEVEL steps toward a life that is for you!

The Amy Edwards Show

How to Heal Your Inner Child with Victoria Finch, The Heart Healer, Author, MHt, CBT, EFT

Thru Autistic Eyes Podcast

Thru Autistic Eyes Podcast: Healing From Within

The Queendom Podcast

Your past does not define you. Healing the inner child, with Diana Gatej & Victoria Finch

The Healing Homegirls

Importance of mental wellness in our daily lives and the benefits of prioritizing our mental health.

Healing Childhood Trauma

Through profound self-work, journaling, and service to others, Victoria has healed the “hole in her heart”.

The Kim Jacobs Show

Connection Between Childhood Wounds And Adult Behaviors

Healing Inner Childhood Wounds

It’s All About Healing Podcast with Robin Black

Nurturing Resilience

Discover the power of embracing vulnerability and compassion.

Healing Your Inner Child 

Overcoming Trauma and Embracing Self-Love

Rising from the Ashes

Overcoming Adversity with Resilience

Kindness Boomerang

Walk the Talk presented the topic of Kindness & Generosity

Harmonious at Lunch

Business Success Beyond the past we all have

Kindness Boomerang

Different Flavours and Topics Bringing Impactful Messages Tea


Release emotional trauma that might be trapped in your body

How to Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Different Flavours and Topics Bringing Impactful Messages Tea

Get Answers To Your Business Problems

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show

Let’s Connect to Foster Emotional Wellness Together