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A Holistic Approach to Releasing Trauma

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Victoria Finch
The Heart Healer

Victoria Finch The Heart Healer offers a holistic approach to healing your inner child and releasing trauma, including PTSD. With her unique abilities and expertise, Victoria will work with you to help you uncover patterns of thinking and feeling that may have been preventing you from healing. She will use a variety of tools such as breathwork, energy healing, and guided meditations to help you reconnect with your inner child and release any trauma.

Heal your Inner Child and Reclaim your Life

Transform your life for the better

 Heal your heart and find peace

Transform traumatic experiences into something beautiful

Enjoy Newfound Freedom, Happiness, and Peace

  Start living a life you love

  Find forgiveness and compassion for yourself

  Create lasting change in your life

Unlock Your Inner Power

Victoria Finch The Heart Healer helps you to unlock your inner power and rediscover the joy of living. With her guidance and support, you will learn how to access the power within and use it to heal and transform your life. Her holistic approach will help you to release old patterns of thinking and feeling and create new ones that will allow you to move forward with greater ease and joy.

Create Lasting Change

Victoria Finch The Heart Healer offers a path to lasting healing and transformation. Through her individualized sessions, you will gain the skills and understanding needed to create lasting change in your life. With her help, you will learn how to heal your inner child and navigate life with courage, clarity, and confidence.


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Hear What Others Say and Why They Love It!

“During a difficult time, I was fortunate enough to receive support from many kind people. Among them was Victoria Finch, who offered her professional services to help me. As a Credit Counselor, she provided financial advice that was invaluable, and as a Heart Healer, she taught me the tapping technique, which helped alleviate my anxiety. After working with Victoria, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being. Victoria’s help and kindness made a huge difference, and I’m incredibly grateful for her support during that challenging time.”

Kiersten Quick
Owner Quick Accounting Solutions providing Outsource Bookkeeping, Cleanups, Training & Controller Services

“Yesterday I was having a slight anxiety attack. I spoke to my amazing friend Victoria Finch and we immediately hopped on zoom to do a tapping session to bring down my stress and anxiety level. When I say it WORKED I went from a 10 to a 0! I didn’t even have to take my anxiety medication.

You are truly a blessing! If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed or anxious definitely reach out to her to experience a tapping session. You won’t regret it I promise you that!”

Trakelia S. Jimerson


Heal Your Heart and Release Emotional Trauma with
Victoria Finch

Are you looking to heal your heart and emotional trauma? Victoria Finch The Heart Healer is here to help you transform your life and restore balance. With her trauma healing methods, Victoria can help you to reconnect with your inner strength and find peace and fulfillment in your life. Through her online programs and one-on-one sessions, Victoria will guide you through the healing process, helping you to restore balance and move forward in life.

Practitioner is not in the practice of medicine or psychotherapy. All services provided are for educational and self-improvement purposes and are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition. 

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